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 Operation and Maintenance of Mound Systems

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Operation and Maintenance of Mound Systems Vide
PostSubject: Operation and Maintenance of Mound Systems Operation and Maintenance of Mound Systems EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 1:05 am

A mound system is used as an alternative for the conventional septic tank soil absorption system and is used for the treatment of domestic waste water. The main objective of this system is to provide additional treatment to the waste water before it enters the natural environment. Many of the Kochi apartments use this method of treating and disposing waste water.
The mound system lasts for a long period of time if it is properly installed and maintained. It also requires minimal maintenance. But as with any system, poor maintenance could lead to system failure. The problems that generally occur in a mound system are ponding in the absorption area of the mound, seepage out of the side or toe of the mound, development of spongy area on the side, top or toe of the mound and clogging of the distribution area. To avoid carryover of solids into the mound the septic tank and the dosing chamber should be checked for sludge and scum buildup and should be pumped as needed. The floats, dosing chamber and the pump should be checked annually and replaced or repaired as necessary. It is very important that the septic tank and the dosing chamber be water tight. Also the electrical parts and conduits should be checked regularly for corrosion. All of the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance (O&M) instructions should be followed. As recommended by the equipment manufacturer all equipments must be tested and calibrated. For all the mound systems a routine O&M schedule should be developed and followed.
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Operation and Maintenance of Mound Systems

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